Delhi Police identify nearly 100 'riot-prone' areas in Capital

New Delhi: Nearly 100 places have been identified as riot-prone areas in the National Capital by the Delhi Police. Sources said that Deputy Commissioners of Police have been to keep a strict vigil in these areas to ensure that no untoward incident takes place in these areas.

According to police sources, these areas were identified as per the self-assessment of district police. Even an area close to a university was termed as riot-prone. North-East district which witnessed the deadly riots in February during which over 53 people were killed and more than 200 injured have more than 17 of these places; whereas, in East Delhi, around 14 such areas were identified. In North district 19 places and in Central district, eight areas were termed as riot-prone zones.

Around 10 areas in Dwarka, three in West Delhi and three in North-West Delhi were identified as riot-prone along with 11 in South district and four in the neighbouring South-East district. Last year, the South-East district witnessed large scale anti-CAA protests. Five places were identified in Rohini and in Outer North, only two such sensitive areas were identified. In the South West around eight areas were marked as riot-prone. Sources said that in a recent meeting between the top brass of Delhi Police, one of the important discussions was related to anti-riot training and the availability of anti-riot gear and vehicles.

In every riot-like situation, the Aman Committee and Delhiites have helped Delhi Police maintain peace in the area. With the help of local residents, police reach out to the people of the area and asked them to maintain peace. In distress situations, it is local residents who help the city police in maintaining peace and harmony.

The best example was the North-East Delhi riots where people held peacekeeping marches and reached out to other residents to spread the message of peace and harmony. Not only during clashes, but the Aman Committee also ensures that all religious celebrations take place without one community hurting sentiments of the other.

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