Delhi Police dives into rescue ops

New Delhi: In response to the ongoing floods caused by the overflowing Yamuna river following heavy rains, the Eastern Range of the Delhi Police has been engaged in rescue

operations to ensure the safety of residents and livestock in affected areas.

As of 6 pm on July 12, the police have successfully rescued a total of 760 individuals and 271 cattle across various districts in the Trans Yamuna area.

In the Shahdara District, the Geeta Colony Police Station reported rescuing five cattle, while no individuals were in need of immediate assistance. Similarly, the Gandhi

Nagar Police Station reported no rescue of either people or cattle, resulting in a total of five cattle being saved in the Shahdara District.

Moving to the North East District, the Usmanpur Police Station conducted out a rescue operation, saving 170 individuals and 60 cattle. The Shastri Park Police Station successfully rescued 70 individuals and an equal number of cattle. The Sonia Vihar Police Station played a vital role in saving 150 individuals and 60 cattle. These combined efforts led to the successful rescue of 390 people and 190 cattle in North East Delhi.

In the East District, the Mayur Vihar Police Station rescued 60 individuals and 12 cattle, while the Mandawali Police Station rescued 60 people and 25 cattle. The Pandav Nagar Police Station emerged as a significant contributor to the rescue efforts, saving 250 individuals and 39 cattle. The cumulative efforts in the East District resulted in the rescue of 370 people and 76 cattle. The Delhi Police urge citizens to remain cautious and follow the instructions issued by the authorities.

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