Delhi Police busts fraud syndicate scaming insurance policy holders

Delhi Police busts fraud syndicate scaming insurance policy holders

New Delhi: The Intelligence Fusion Strategic Operation (IFSO) unit of the Delhi Police has dismantled a syndicate of fraudsters operating under the guise of assisting victims in releasing maturity amounts from insurance policies. The operation, which exposed an intricate web of deception, resulted in the arrest of seven fraudsters and the seizure of crucial evidence, officials disclosed on Tuesday.

The accused individuals have been identified as Nishant Kumar (33), Devender Kumar (33), Manish Kumar (29), Ankit Gaur (32), Sunil Yadav (33), Bhupender Kumar (33), and Astbhujesh Pandey (33), all residents of Delhi and the NCR region.

Hemant Tiwari, DCP IFSO, stated that the investigation was initiated following a complaint lodged by Hari Datt Sharma, a resident of Green Park Main, New Delhi, who fell prey to financial fraud amounting to approximately Rs 3.5 crores. The perpetrators, masquerading as officials from government agencies such as NPCI, RBI, and SBI, exploited Sharma’s trust by assuring him of substantial returns on his investments in insurance companies. They employed fabricated documents and false identities to deceive him into believing that he was entitled to significant sums, which could be withdrawn after completing certain formalities.

Later, a case was registered under sections 406/420/120-B IPC at the Special Cell, Delhi, leading to a comprehensive investigation by a dedicated team led by Inspector Bhanwar Singh.

Through analysis of digital footprints and technical surveillance, the kingpin of the syndicate, Nishant Kumar aka Rajender Prasad, was traced to a rented premises in Nirman Vihar and subsequently arrested. His arrest provided crucial leads, leading to the arrest of six more co-conspirators, Tiwari mentioned.

The modus operandi of the fraudsters involved renting a location in Nirman Vihar, where they orchestrated their scheme. Nishant Kumar coordinated the operation, while Devender Kumar facilitated the forgery of documents. The syndicate used various aliases and forged documents purportedly issued by government agencies to lure victims, including Sharma. Astbhujesh Pandey facilitated the transfer of ill-gotten gains through bank accounts provided by Ankit Gaur and Sunil Yadav, Tiwari said.

During the investigation, the police seized 20 mobile phones, 4 laptops, 1 pen drive, and documents containing crucial data about the victims.

Efforts are underway to analyse the accounts of the accused to identify and apprehend any remaining associates involved in the offence, DCP IFSO confirmed.

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