Delhi govt & L-G clash over MACP scheme delay

New Delhi: Tensions between the Delhi government and the Lieutenant Governor’s office have flared once again over the delayed implementation of the Modified Assured Career Progression (MACP) scheme for retired officials of the education department.

The AAP-led Delhi government has accused the L-G of controlling the process and causing an eight-year delay in granting these benefits.

In a recent statement, the Delhi government criticized the L-G’s office, arguing that they were the primary reason for the prolonged wait experienced by retired Principals, Education Officers (EOs), District Education Officers (DEOs), and Deputy District Education Officers (DDEOs) of the Education Department.

These retired officials have been eligible for financial upgradation under the MACP scheme since 2008, with their eligibility confirmed by various courts, including the Supreme Court.

L-G VK Saxena, responded by ordering the immediate implementation of the MACP scheme for the affected retirees.

“Despite these retired officers being eligible for financial up gradation from the year 2008 and their eligibility upheld by various courts and even by the Supreme Court, these officers had to go through trauma and harassment all these years for no fault of theirs due to the indifferent and inhuman attitude of the Education Department. With the decision of LG, they would be getting their due benefits pending for 15 years,” the L-G’s office announced.

However, the Delhi government remains unimpressed by this development. They argue that the Lieutenant Governor’s office has been in control of matters related to services in the national capital for the past eight years and should be held accountable for the delay. “They (L-G office) should respond as to why this was not done earlier,” the AAP government asserted.

The clash between the Delhi government and the Lieutenant Governor’s office is yet another chapter in the ongoing power struggle between the two entities. The MACP scheme, aimed at providing career progression and financial benefits to government employees, has become a symbol of the political divide in the national Capital.

While retirees may finally see the benefits they have long awaited, the dispute raises broader questions about governance in the union territory.

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