School bus catches fire near Akshardham, no injuries

A massive tragedy was averted on Tuesday afternoon when a school bus carrying children caught fire near Akshardham temple. No injuries were reported from the incident and the fire was doused off after the fire brigade arrived.
The bus from a private school in Noida was carrying approximately 24 school children and as the bus neared Akshardham temple, it suddenly caught fire.
As the smoke came out of it, the driver took all the children out to safety. The local people also helped the staff evacuate the bus.
Someone from the public gave a call to the police and informed them about the incident.
Soon, a team of police officers rushed to the spot along with the fire brigade.
The bus was in flames when the police and fire brigade staff reached the spot.
The fire brigade then doused off the flames but smoke was still coming out of it. The bus was charred into a burnt metal box.
The parents of the school children were informed and none was hurt.
The cops are now looking for the reasons for the fire and its being investgated.
"The reason and cause of the fire is being investigated." said a police officer.
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