CBI to probe illegally set up cloth dyeing units in Mustafabad

Following the reports, the Delhi High Court on Friday asked the CBI to conduct a probe to find out the names of officials who gave licences to run industrial units in residential areas where carcinogenic by-products are causing ground water pollution.

A bench of acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C. Hari Shankar decided to order an inquiry after it found out that the Delhi Police have failed in performing their duty and has been a mute spectator to such activities.

A CBI inquiry was necessary as one person had died due to discharge of carcinogenic chemicals by cloth dyeing units in Mustafabad locality of northeast Delhi, said the court.
As reported by Millennium Post on May 15, the genesis of the abnormal rate of cancer was due to toxic chemicals used by the denim dyeing units operating illegally, in Mustafabad locality of North East Delhi.

"As long people are alive in that area, it is alright. But people have died, that too poor people," said the bench.

It directed the CBI to initiate criminal proceedings against the offenders and file a status report by August 10 giving all particulars of the officials who allowed
these industries to operate in the area where 'innocent poor people reside'.

The bench also asked the agency to find out how many of the residents are suffering from cancer, the reason behind it and death caused due to it.

Also, it directed the agency to take action against the owners of the property who have allowed running of such industries.

It asked the Central Ground Water Board, Delhi government, Delhi Pollution Control Board and the civic bodies about the steps they have taken in this regard.

It queried the authorities after taking cognisance of a news report about the discharge of carcinogenic chemicals by cloth dyeing units in Mustafabad locality of northeast Delhi.

The report stated that the untreated effluents are contaminating ground water, which is the main source of drinking water in the area and it was linked to the high rate of cancer.

According to the residents, they are elated with the news of CBI probe to curb the epidemic of carcinogenic chemical via cloth dyeing units.
Shiv Vihar, where most of the illegal colouring units are located, has a population of over 80,000 people.

According to its residents, it is among the 'most backward' places in Delhi; the area is also among the 90 minority districts identified by the UPA government.
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