Police chief honours team that nailed Nirbhaya killers

The death penalty of four convicts in the Nirbhaya rape and murder case was majorly possible because of a team of around 40 investigators who worked day in and day out to gather evidence. All of them were felicitated by the Commissioner of Police Amulya Patnaik in the Delhi Police Headquarters on Monday.

The impeccable investigation carried out by the officers stood the three judicial scrutinies that finally resulted in upholding the death penalty of the convicts by the Apex court.

At present, all the officers are working under different departments and places but this occasion of pride has brought all the senior and junior officers together for the first time in four years following the completion of all legal formalities.

In a packed room full of police officers and journalists, the Delhi Police commissioner, Amulya Patnaik, applauding the efforts of the probe team said, "It is just because of the consistent and meticulous efforts of the police team, that the culprits have been awarded the death sentence.

The main investigation officer of the case, Inspector Pratibha Sharma who is now posted in South Delhi recalls how she worked tirelessly to give Nirbhaya her deserved justice.

"I still recall how I stayed back in the chill weather in Vasant Vihar police station for days. I did not go home for many days. My family was supportive and the senior officers also worked tirelessly but the passion for cracking the case and getting the culprits behind bars kept me going," said Pratibha.

On being asked what gave her the impetus to work beyond duty hours she said, " I met Nirbhaya twice in a day, she only talked with gestures. Seeing her in that condition kept me going.

My colleague present in Supreme court gave me a call that the Apex court has retained the death penalty. I was very happy. Our efforts finally passed the test."

Sub-inspector Vishal Chowdhary now working with the crime branch told Millennium Post that this was the most challenging case that he has ever handled.

"I was a part of raiding team. Though I cannot disclose the operational details but then no one can imagine how we worked tirelessly to nab the culprits. We were lucky to have solved the case in less than 18 hours with the first arrest," said Chowdhary.

Then SHO Vasant Vihar Anil Sharma recalling those days stated how they scaled walls of the police station from the backside to avoid the presence of protestors and media glare on front gates.
"We were focused on evidence collection so that it could pass the court test. Scientific methods like body to body
DNA testing were used along with orthodontic evidence. Thankfully we proved our case in court."
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