DCW launches 'anthem' against child sexual abuse

NEW DELHI: On International Women's Day, Delhi Commission for Women under its #RapeRoko campaign had given a call to people to form a human chain around the Central Park at Connaught Place to protest the growing rapes of children in the country. The DCW also launched the anthem of RapeRoko against child sexual abuse sung by various artists.
"I am doing a Satyagraha for the past 37 days. The Rape Roko movement has now spiralled into a nationwide movement and we will not stop until a system is created which ensures that trials in cases of child rapes ends within 6 months and the guilty are given the death penalty," Swati Maliwal, the chairperson of DCW said.
She appealed to all governments in the country to come together on this issue. She appealed to the Prime Minister to listen to the Man Ki Baat of the country who are demanding strict action against child rapists.
Maliwal added,"If Pakistan can give justice to Zainab in one month, why can not India?" She appealed to the people across the country to join the movement and support the campaign.
Over 10 thousand people participated in this peaceful demonstration and broke their silence on rapes. The entire Connaught Circle was packed with people who demanded that rapists of little children be given death penalty within 6 months.
Yogeshwar Dutt, Caralisa Monteiro, Luke Kenny participated in the human chain formation along with Swati Jaihind and thousands of men, women and children. Later, all celebrities gathered along with the people in the Central Park. Rabbi Shergill and WCD minister Manish Sisodia also graced the event.
A #RapeRoko video song composed by Caralisa Monteiro and featuring Farhan Akhtar, Shankar Mahadevan, Caralisa Monteiro, Luke Kenny, Anushka Manchanda and Mahalaxmi Iyer was also released during the event. Caralisa and Luke strongly supported the movement and asked people to raise their voice against rapes.
Caralisa Monteiro has taken great pain over the past month to put together Rape Roko movement anthem song and expressed how news of the rape of an eight-month-old baby devastated her. Luke Kenny stated that he doesn't generally come out for protests but could not stop himself for this noble cause.
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