Current EV policy likely to be extended by 6 months

New Delhi: The Delhi government is set to grant a six-month extension to its existing Electric Vehicle (EV) policy due to delays in finalising a new policy, according to an official statement that came after the Transport department meeting on Thursday.

The EV policy initially expired on August 8, leading to its temporary extension.

The officials revealed that a cabinet note is in progress, with the extension expected to remain in effect for six months or until the new policy is officially notified. The new EV Policy, a pivotal component of the transport department’s initiatives, has faced delays following the termination of contractual advisers, consultants, and fellows in July.

“We are committed to promoting electric mobility in Delhi and ensuring a smooth transition to cleaner transportation options. Extending the existing EV policy is a step towards our goal of significantly increasing the number of electric vehicles on our roads and creating a sustainable urban environment,” a senior officer from transport department stated.

They lamented the loss of technical expertise in shaping key policies, including the new EV policy and regulations for cab and bus aggregators, following the departure

of the contractual experts. These experts played a vital role in evaluating feedback and refining policies.

As of the financial year 2022-23, the number of registered EVs in Delhi has witnessed substantial growth, with plans to exceed 200,000 in 2023-24, as outlined in the outcome budget. In 2021-22, Delhi had 34,493 registered EVs, a figure that surged to 111,994 in 2022-23. The ambitious target now stands at 223,988 for 2023-24.

Notably, electric cars have seen remarkable progress, increasing from 2,273 in August 2020 to 10,266. The government is aiming for 20,532 electric cars on the streets by 2023-24. Similarly, electric two-wheelers have shown substantial growth, rising from 14,257 to 52,569, with a target of 105,138 for the current fiscal year.

Despite the EV Policy 2020 expiring on August 8, the government has assured that subsidies will persist until the new policy is formally implemented. While the transport

department reported that Delhi’s electric vehicle policy has achieved approximately 86

percent of its goals and initiatives to date.

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