COVID-19 patients, people in recovery report increased respiratory symptoms

COVID-19 patients, people   in recovery report increased respiratory symptoms

New Delhi: Rahul (name changed) woke up the day after Diwali with a scratchy throat and a heavy head. Currently recovering from COVID-19, many like Rahul and others who are currently infected reported increased respiratory symptoms on Sunday morning.

While Rahul had tested positive on October 28, he is still recovering from the virus and has been on bed rest. "I had mild symptoms like no smell and taste but had no cough or scratchy throat. But today I woke up coughing and got paranoid. I felt fatigued and my head was heavy," he told Millennium Post over the phone.

Paranoid, he called his doctor explaining the symptoms. "My report had come negative, but we have been hearing so many cases where the reports were not correct. But my doctor assured me that I need not worry and that pollution is the contributing factor," he said.

Like Rahul, Swati who had recovered from the virus five months ago woke up with a runny nose and a headache. "My initial symptoms were somewhat similar. But, I had by mistake kept my room window open and the pollution made the situation worse," she said.

A day after millions celebrated Diwali across the country, pollution levels in Delhi and its neighbouring areas soared as people burned crackers

despite a ban on them. The air quality in the national capital plunged to the "severe" category, worsening the pollution caused by burning farm waste in the neighbouring states.

Doctors and scientists say that short-term exposures to high levels of PM 2.5 can cause severe health problems including worsening coronavirus infections. It can also worsen blood pressure and asthma. Medical experts have

pointed out that post-Diwali, they are expecting a surge in the number of asthma and respiratory diseases.

A 27-year-old woman is who is positive said that she had no symptoms but started coughing today morning. "I was feeling better since yesterday but today morning I started coughing. I am assuming it is because of pollution today," she said. She also said that she felt chest congestion for a while and took medicines. "I am taking all the medicines that the doctor has prescribed," she added.

Meanwhile, another recovered patient said that he was coughing as a lot of people in his area burst crackers. "I have a severe headache and have been coughing since morning. I didn't have these symptoms before," Adil, who lives in West Delhi said.

A resident of Janak Puri, who is positive said that she had chest congestion when she woke up in the morning. "I had this severe pain in the chest so I called my doctor, who gave me some medicines and asked me to not step out and shut all the windows," the 26-year-old patient said.

She said that her mother who is also positive did not have any severe complications. "She was inside the house the whole day during Diwali. Even during Pooja, she did not step out, so she is feeling better," she added.

Speaking about citizens defying the ban, a South Delhi based environmentalist called the behavior irresponsible. "I made calls to the police because my neighbours were bursting crackers. The police responded and came but after they left, my neighbours started again. One can do things to a

certain limit," she said, adding that she was also abused for taking such a step.

She added that like her most of her friends made phone calls against their neighbours for defying the government's order.

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