COVID-19 cases spike, so does testing

New Delhi: Delhi is witnessing a rise in the number of cases as vigorous testing is conducted by the authorities, especially in red zone areas.

Areas like Kapashera that witnessed 58 cases from one building, are in high alert zone, with vigorous testing being conducted. "Tests were conducted today and yesterday, while their reports are still awaited," said a police officer on duty. The area is cramped and houses migrant workers who sit hurdled in a narrow alley.

"Our area did not have any case, but we have been sealed and tests are being conducted," said a migrant worker. The sanitization work has been going on almost everyday in the area.

In another containment area of Raj Nagar in Dwarka, two children have recovered and are home. However, the area is sealed as nine people in the same building were found negative in the area. "Out of the nine, two people have recovered and came back today. Meanwhile, rest of the family members are in the hospital," said an official in the vicinity.

High security is witnessed in the area which is Gali number – 1, F-Block, and is cramped with broken roads and gutters overflowing with dirty water. On duty are two medical officers, who are on survey in different areas. "We have found a few more cases in the adjacent gali today," said one officer. The gali which witnessed four new cases is not yet sealed, while the members have been quarantined. "The testing has increased, which is why more cases are coming up," said the officers.

The women who work with the Delhi government visit all the households to conduct survey. "Main object is to get all the data on the number of tests done and how many people were found positive," said one of them. The women who travel in their own vehicles said that it becomes difficult to travel during such crisis. "Our place of survey changes, and there is no transportation provided to us," she added. The women also

have no PPE kits, as they say they mostly work in the buzzer areas.

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