Copenhagen Univ team visits DU to discuss climate change

New Delhi: A delegation from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, paid a visit to the University of Delhi (DU) to discuss various critical issues, including climate change.

Vice Chancellor Prof Yogesh Singh expressed pride in DU’s association with Copenhagen University.

He revealed that DU currently boasts approximately 6,50,000 students and emphasised that the partnership between the two universities would greatly benefit international students.

He announced DU’s plans to launch joint degree programs, dual degree programs, and collaborative research initiatives, presenting significant opportunities for international institutions.

Rector (Chancellor) Henrik Wegener of the University of Copenhagen, shared detailed information about the University of Copenhagen through a presentation.

He mentioned that his university holds the 8th position in Europe and boasts an

academic staff comprising 36 per cent international faculty members. Additionally, he highlighted that the university’s students, researchers, and new graduates establish 186 companies annually.

The delegation included representatives from the Consulate General of Denmark and the Innovation Centre in Denmark.

During the visit, the delegation interacted with deans and heads of various departments at the University of Delhi.

Both universities shared insights into their respective departments, including Climate Change, Environment and Sustainability, Health & Life Sciences, Basic Sciences, Food and Agriculture, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences, and Economic Law and Humanities.

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