Contribute to growth of education system: Sisodia to students

NEW DELHI: Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Monday attended the convocation ceremony at the Ambedkar University. Congratulating the students of the university at the event, Deputy Chief Minister cum Education Minister Sisodia appreciated the faculty and the university for its efforts in providing quality education and supporting the Delhi government in its educational initiatives.

"I am sure that the blessings of your parents on the first day of your school have made you reach this pedestal. I wish you all the success in life and hope that you contribute significantly towards the development of the nation. Ambedkar University is one of the most renowned and significant universities in India. I want to congratulate Vice-Chancellor Professor Anu and Professor Shyam Menon and all the staff that have been working in the university for the last more than a decade," said Sisodia .

The education Minister said that the governments can run the universities by grants and set up their infrastructures, but a university gains recognition only through the efforts of the faculties of the universities. He advised the students to contribute to the growth of the education system.

"We have always worked on quality education, but I believe that along with quality education, we should also work on quantity education. Every year 2.5 lakh students pass out from schools, and I want all the 2.5 lakh students to get admission in universities and the universities in Delhi should provide quality education to all the students," the Deputy CM Manish Sisodia added.

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