Confident of getting away, accused returned home next day

new deLhi: The investigation into the sexual assault case of the 12-year-old girl in Outer Delhi's Paschim Vihar has now revealed that the accused had thought no one would be able to identify him and that he would get away with the gruesome crime. However, this was what landed him in the police net on Thursday. A senior officer said they are yet to record the statement of the victim, who continues to battle for her life.

Police sources told Millennium Post that the accused, identified as Krishan, after committing a crime, was roaming around in different areas of Outer Delhi and a day after the crime, he thought that no one would be able to identify him so he proceeded towards home. "He was confident that he would not get arrested as no one had seen him. Then he went to his house in Mangolpuri and later he was arrested from there," one source in the know said. A senior officer said that they were not able to get a proper interview with the victim until as late as Friday afternoon.

"Before the incident, the accused was wandering the lanes of Paschim Vihar. He found many shops which were locked but then thought that he might get caught if someone heard any noise or saw him breaking a lock," sources said. Then he went to a building where there were single rooms and one of them, the one where the victim lived, was left open.

He went inside and was about to leave the place after stealing a suitcase when the girl saw him and tried to raise an alarm. This is when Krishan purportedly threw a sewing machine at her head. "The girl continued to resist his entry which made the accused angrier about 'how a girl could resist this much' so he picked a sharp object, possibly a pair of scissors and attacked her," the official said.

Sources said that a few years ago, in one of the four cases he was involved in, the accused had entered a house to steal and when a woman saw him, he threw a heavy object at her, severely injuring her. Krishan has seen jail time in other crimes.

The Delhi Police had caught up to the accused in the horrific sexual assault case after nearly 72 hours of the crime and after questioning him claimed that Krishan was drunk at the time of the crime. They said the accused could not remember how many times he had assaulted the girl but that other parts of his statement corroborated the sequence of events established by CCTV footage.

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