CM: Lockdown right decision by Centre

New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday said that the nationwide lockdown was the right step taken by the Central government. If they (Centre) had not implemented the lockdown then the virus would have spread way more, he added.

"We were not equipped with PPE kits, masks, oxygen beds, or ventilators. Lockdown slowed the spread of Corona and it gave us time to prepare. In this two and half months those states that have undertaken preparations, people in such states can be rest assured that their government is equipped to treat them," said Kejriwal.

Citing examples from across the globe the CM said that Italy, France and Spain showed high mortality rate because of lack of preparedness. The number of patients were way higher than the number of beds. Many people died because there was no treatment facility, such deaths could have been avoided.

The CM said that prior to Covid-19 pandemic hitting Delhi, people from across the nation came for treatment to the city which were amply provided. But the condition now is very different from pre-covid-19 days. As now adequate facilities to provide treatment to Corona patients has to be provided in a larger quantum and the govt has to keep facilities like beds, quarantine centres etc ready for covid patients of the city. Under this curcumstance it may not be possible to arrange a huge number of beds and other such medical facilities to treat patients of Covid and also takecare of people, coming from across the nation, who are suffering from other ailments. Hence, it is imperative that we keep adequate facilities to handle the spike of positive cases that the city is witnessing over the past few days.

Kejriwal also said that screening should have begun in February because several people returned to India as the virus was spreading abroad. They landed in the Capital and went to several places as there was no Corona norms in place. He also said that he does not know if Delhi is experiencing Community transmission but the virus has spread considerably.

Talking about the migrant workers, the CM said that the migrant workers crisis was timed with the Covid pandemic and this made the situation even more critical.

"You (Centre) should have sent them back a month ago when they said they wanted to return, they wouldn't have to walk. Even now you are sending them back and now that they are going it is spreading more because more people are infected as compared to earlier," added Kejriwal.

The CM said that around 4-5 lakh migrant workers have gone back from Delhi. Initially 7 lakh people had registered but since shops started opening around 4 lakh went to their native places remaining went back to work.

Talking about opposition leaders questioning the expense of Delhi government in advertisements, he said, "If we do not advertise, then how do we create awareness among people to avoid Coronavirus? To avoid Corona, we have to tell people what to do to prevent it."

He also assured Delhiites that the state government will not increase tax except on alcohol.

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