Civic body to hire new agencies to reduce garbage landfills in Capital

New Delhi: The MCD has started the process of deploying new agencies to reduce the garbage landfills in the Capital.

The tendering process for the deputation of agencies at the Okhla and Ghazipur landfill sites is already underway, and these agencies will soon begin their operations. The tender for the Bhalswa landfill site will be opened in October, with a target to have the additional agency operational by November. This move will result in the processing of an additional 90 lakh tonnes of garbage.

Currently, one agency is responsible for garbage processing at each landfill site, with the task of processing 30 lakh tonnes of garbage within two years. The new target is to double this processing capacity, ensuring the timely disposal of these waste heaps. According to the plan, one additional agency will be deployed at each landfill site, effectively having two agencies per site dedicated to garbage processing. Each agency will be responsible for processing 30 lakh tonnes of garbage, resulting in a total of 60 lakh tonnes processed at each landfill site within two years.

Deployment of additional agencies at Bhalswa, Gazipur, and Okhla landfill sites has commenced. Tenders for Okhla and Gazipur are issued, work starting shortly. Bhalswa tendering begins in October, work starts in November, with Gazipur first, then Okhla, and lastly Bhalswa.

To incentivise swift garbage disposal, agencies will be rewarded for exceeding their targets. If an agency successfully disposes of 30 lakh tonnes of garbage before the end of the two-year timeframe, they will be entrusted with an additional 15 lakh tonnes.

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