City's favourite story-teller Sadia Dehlvi passes away

new delhi: Author, activist, food connoisseur and raconteur, Delhi's very own Sadia Dehlvi, whose name itself reflected her bond with the city, has died after a prolonged battle with breast cancer.

Dehlvi, meaning one from Delhi', died on Wednesday at her home and is survived by her son Arman Ali Dehlvi. She was 63. Belonging to a family whose association with the city went back centuries, Dehlvi's Twitter profile read, Columnist and author Sufism: The Heart of Islam & The Sufi Courtyard: Dargahs of Delhi. I live in Delhi, a city I love.

Dehlvi, who wrote about women, minorities, Islamic spirituality and Delhi's heritage and culture for more than 40 years, was laid to rest on Thursday at the city's Shidipura cemetery.

A woman of many talents, Dehlvi also produced and scripted documentaries and television programmes, including "Amma and Family" (1995), with veteran actor Zohra Sehgal in the lead. She was also a close friend and confidante of the late Khushwant Singh, who dedicated his book "Not a Nice Man to Know" to her.

"To Sadia Dehlvi, who gave me more affection and notoriety than I deserve," he wrote. Singh's book "Men and Women in my Life", which has a chapter dedicated to her, also has Dehlvi's photo on its cover. agencies

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