Chinese firm in Gurugram refused to collect waste

Gurugram: Even as cleanliness and waste management continue to be unresolved crises in Gurugram, a new serious allegation has levelled against a Chinese company, which is already embroiled in a number of controversies.

The latest allegation against Hong Kong-based EcoGreen International has been levelled by the councillor of ward-28 Hemant Kumar Sain.

He stated that the company, which has been assigned the responsibility of collecting waste and garbage from residences in Gurugram, is not only refusing to do its job but also threatening rag pickers to not collect garbage from people's homes.

Sain also stated that in order to intimidate the poor ragpickers, some employees of EcoGreen even fired gunshots in the air.

The complaint was submitted to Gurugram police, as well as the Mayor.

As per its contract, the Chinese company has to collect garbage from the homes of Gurugram citizens, transport it to Bandhwari landfill site and then recycle it.

Disappointingly, for the residents of Gurugram, the initiative has not borne fruit.

Not only is the garbage not being collected, but even the garbage that has been collected so far is also being recycled and waste from Gurugram and Faridabad is only adding to the mounds of garbage being piled up at Bandhwari.

Beside charging residents for collection of garbage, EcoGreen is also being paid by the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG).

Though MCG has stated tat steps are being taken to ensure citizens effectively segregate waste generated in their homes, not many seem to be impressed by the claims.

Moreover, environmentalists and resident welfare associations have claimed vacant areas around the colonies are being used by MCG officials to dump garbage.

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