'Chewing of tobacco by staff forbidden at petrol pumps'

NEW DELHI: In directions issued with orders of strict compliance, the Delhi Police has asked its senior officers to ensure that no beggars or chewing of tobacco by staff is allowed at petrol pumps and CNG filling stations in the Capital, adding that private marshals should also be deployed at these locations.

In an advisory related to precautions needed to avoid the spread of Coronavirus at petrol and CNG pumps, the Delhi Police said beggars, salespersons and other unauthorised persons should not be allowed at CNG filling stations and petrol pumps.

"The staff of the CNG filling stations, petrol pumps should be sensitised regularly about social distancing and other precautions. The staff may be briefed not to chew tobacco or spit in the area," read the advisory.

There should be a facility for checking by thermal screening at the entry points of petrol and CNG pumps. The air filling and puncture shop employees should also follow the entire protocol of COVID-19, it read.

According to the advisory, private marshals should be deployed to assist the staff and CCTVs must be in working condition. QR code scanners should be promoted as a payment option for petrol and gas.

"For maintaining social distancing at the filling stations, petrol pump boxes be marked on ground for parking of vehicles while waiting for their turn. Quarantine cycle must be available for the employees," it further read.

PPE suits, masks, gloves of good quality and soaps may be provided to the staff working at the CNG filling stations and petrol pumps. There should be proper health check-ups of workers in the pumps and staff at the kiosks at regular intervals. The advisory also focused on the regular sanitisation of filling stations, pumps and facility of covered dustbins.

The Delhi Police told its officers that measures are suggested for maintaining social distancing and other precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at CNG filling stations, petrol pumps by the managements of the establishments and the district police may approach them to ensure its strict implementation. In the national Capital, there are more than 400 petrol pumps.

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