Capital logs ‘good’ to ‘moderate’ air quality in 1st quarter of 2023: CAQM

Capital logs ‘good’ to ‘moderate’ air quality in 1st quarter of 2023: CAQM

New Delhi: Delhi logged ‘good’ to ‘moderate’ air quality on 35 days in the first quarter of 2023, the maximum in the corresponding period in six years, barring 2020 when coronavirus led to a strict lockdown, according to data shared by the Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM).

There were 17 ‘good’ to ‘moderate’ air quality days in the first quarter of 2017; 24 in 2018; 32 in 2019; 38 in 2020; 13 in 2021; 27 in 2022 and 35 in 2023, the data showed.

The national Capital on Friday recorded a 24-hour average air quality index of 73, which is the lowest since October 11 last when it was 66. An AQI (air quality index) reading between zero and 50 is considered ‘good’, 51 and 100 ‘satisfactory’, 101 and 200 ‘moderate’, 201 and 300 ‘poor’, 301 and 400 ‘very poor’, and 401 and 500 ‘severe’.

According to the Delhi government data, PM2.5 and PM10 pollution in the national Capital has reduced by more than 30 per cent in the last eight years.

PM10 pollution in the city has reduced to 223 ppm (parts per million) in 2022 from 324 ppm in 2014. PM 2.5 levels have decreased to 103 ppm in 2022 from 149 ppm in 2014.

Parts of the national Capital are expected to receive a shower of rain accompanied by thunder and lightning on Saturday with the maximum temperature likely to settle at 30 degrees Celsius, according to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) forecast.

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