Cabs: New norms for travel in city

New Delhi: As Ola and Uber resumed their services from Tuesday, traveling as we know has completely changed with new norms coming into effect. From precautionary measures to limited passengers' allowance, the cab services have taken all measures to follow the social distancing rules.

While taking a ride in an Ola, the correspondent asked the driver what measures he is taking to sanitise the car. Harpreet Singh, who was on his first day of duty since the lockdown, said he sanitises his car first thing in the morning. "That is the regular ritual. Although I wasn't able to drive much, but I still sanitised my car before leaving the house," he added.

Singh said that he also cleans his car soon after a passenger leaves. "Today is my first day, and you are my second customer. I have a spray bottle which I use after the customer leaves," said Singh. He also said as only two people are allowed to travel; he has to keep check on the number of customers traveling. "I was about to ask you how many people you are coming with, because if there are more than two people in the car, we will be slapped with a fine," he said.

There is a fine of Rs 2,000 if the driver is seen breaking the rules, which also includes no rides after 7 pm. "As everything is shut from 7 pm to 7 am, so we can't take passengers beyond 7 in the evening," he said.

Resuming services after two months, Singh said it was becoming difficult to sustain. "But I did outstation duties as no vehicle was available and earned a bit from there," he added.

On the other hand, Ganesh, who was on the second day of his duty, said that the flow of customers has drastically decreased. "There is lockdown, so of course not many people are coming," he added.

Ganesh said that both Ola and Uber have strict policies amid the pandemic. "We have been told to clean car handles after a customer touches them. It has become quite difficult, but we know it is important," he added. He, like Singh, disinfects his car every day.

The Ola driver said that his financial condition went unstable amid the pandemic and the situation doesn't seem to get any better. But with pandemic still hovering over and cases increases everyday in Delhi, the restrictions are necessary. While the lockdown continues many say that the cab services are like a boon.

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