BSES advisory — stay away from electricity poles, transformers...

New Delhi: As Delhi received its first monsoon showers on Sunday, the BSES issued an advisory urging people to follow precautions, including staying away from electrical installations.

In its advisory, the discom urged people to stay away from electricity poles, sub-stations, transformers and street lights.

According to the BSES advisory, children must avoid playing near waterlogged parks and electricity installations — even if these are barricaded.

Some of the unique problems faced during the monsoons are waterlogging of roads, strong winds uprooting trees and falling branches that damage electricity installations, resulting in outages. In order to safeguard human lives and electrical equipment, it becomes necessary to switch off electricity supply to an affected area as a precautionary measure, it said.

“Get (the) entire wiring in your premises thoroughly checked and tested by the licensed electrical contractor. Put off the main switch in case there is waterlogging or leakage observed in the meter cabin. Put on the main switch only on ensuring that all faults have been rectified properly. Install an earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) to help avoid shocks and mishaps,” the BSES said in the advisory. The discom also advised people to keep a “tester” at home.

“If a switch is wet, do not touch it. First use a ‘tester’ to check if there is an electricity leakage. If need be, call your electrician,” the advisory stated.

The BSES also appealed to all Delhi citizens to report and convince people not to illegally draw electricity by hooking on to mainlines or electrical equipment. Explaining its plans for the season, a BSES official said, “We are geared up to ensure reliable power supply to our over 48 lakh consumers and over two crore residents while taking all safety measures that are required during the

rainy season. Consumers can play a very important role in ensuring an incident-free monsoon by following simple safety guidelines.”

On Sunday, a 34-year-old woman died of electrocution after accidentally coming in contact with a live wire at the New Delhi railway station complex, police said.

The BSES said it has taken measures such as proper fencing around all plinth- and pole-mounted transformers, deployment of quick response teams to tackle exigencies and establishment of war rooms to review complaints and their quick resolution during the monsoon season.

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