BJP violated decorum of the House, says CM

New Delhi: Everyone today heard Lieutenant Governor of Delhi V K Saxena say that since the AAP-led government came to power in Delhi, the city has developed at twice the pace, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Friday and expressed his gratitude towards the Lieutenant Governor for acknowledging the development brought by the AAP government in the city.

Kejriwal informed that in his speech the L-G also said that there were a lot of impediments and despite that the Delhi government went on to achieve so much.

“We have seen time and again that there have been conspiracies to obstruct the works of the Delhi government. But despite all these problems the AAP-led government in Delhi has taken the residents along in its decision and worked hard to develop Delhi as per the needs of the citizens. This is a fact that not only the residents of Delhi but the citizens of the country acknowledge,” he said.

While three BJP MLAs were marshalled out on Speaker Ram Niwas Goel’s directions, the rest walked out. Later, the L-G continued his speech.

Kejriwal termed the disruption caused during the L-G’s address to be against the decorum of the House. The Ethics Committee will review the proposal and take appropriate action to ensure that the decorum of the House is maintained.

Kejriwal said that BJP leaders were wrong to interrupt the L-G’s address. “To obstruct the speech of the L-G and create a nuisance as he speaks is against the rules of the House and is a contempt of the House. Therefore the members of the House have passed a proposal and have demanded that this issue be taken to an appropriate committee. The committee will look into the issue and take action on the matter,” the CM said.

Bharadwaj, while presenting the resolution, cited Schedule 5 of the Vidhan Sabha, which outlines the House’s responsibility in the event of its contempt by members during the Lieutenant Governor’s address.

According to Schedule 5, any member who interrupts, raises slogans, questions, walks out of the House, or talks about the point of order during, before or after the LG’s address in the House will be considered in contempt of the House. The House can settle this problem by passing a resolution in this regard.

Bharadwaj emphasised that this matter concerns the sanctity of the House, and despite differences with the L-G, traditions must be upheld. He urged all members to respect the decorum of the House and maintain the integrity of the institution.

CM Kejriwal in a separate interaction with reporters replied to Saxena’s statement saying, “These are small things. Democracy should be respected. If two crore people have elected a government then it should be allowed to work. It’s not right if you do not let the government work and put obstacles before it.”

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