Big victory for Delhi govt, says AAP

Big victory for Delhi govt, says AAP

New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party welcomed the Supreme Court’s verdict on ‘Services’ and termed it as a gift to the people.

The SC ruled in its unanimous verdict that the Delhi government has legislative and executive control over services in the Capital. The Supreme Court also said that governance in Delhi is like that in any other state and the L-G is bound by the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers of the Delhi government. The verdict was welcomed by the AAP leaders as it made the separation of powers between the state government and the L-G amply clear. The court said that the Delhi government will control administrative services on all aspects except land, public order and police.

Delhi government’s cabinet ministers Gopal Rai, Saurabh Bhardwaj and Atishi lauded the Supreme Court’s verdict.

As per the ministers, the groundbreaking judgement has not only secured the powers of elected governments but also heralded a new era of accountability and democratic governance in the state.

Rai emphasised that the decision would effectively curtail the BJP’s efforts to usurp power from elected governments across the nation.

He further criticised the Central government for unconstitutionally obstructing the projects of the elected government and coercing officials through the L-G.

Bhardwaj praised the Chief Justice of India for emerging as a hero and credited the Supreme Court for reinstating the rightful powers of the people of Delhi, an achievement that commands deep reverence.

Meanwhile, Atishi underscored the binding nature of the SC’s ruling, highlighting that the L-G is obligated to adhere to the decisions of the Delhi government.

She said that the L-G does not possess the authority to make decisions but merely has the responsibility of perusing the relevant documents.

Speaking about the services department that was earlier with the state government, Rai said that the previous order of the SC was in AAP-government’s favour, but the Narendra Modi-led Central government made a mockery of the order, and through the medium of the L-G Office and the Ministry of Home Affairs, it went on to usurp the powers that were constitutionally given to the elected state government.

“After that, the Central government threatened the government officials to report to its nominees and intentionally ran a campaign to derail all the developmental works that were taking place in the city. Today, the judgement of the Supreme Court has made it clear that if Narendra Modi believed that he could trample over the democratic processes in the country using money power, then this will not be allowed in the country,” he said.

Bharadwaj added that it will not be wrong to say that this order is a firm slap on the face of the Central government that has over the years encroached upon the rights of the people of Delhi.

Mayor Shelly Oberoi also hailed the Supreme Court’s verdict on the Centre-Delhi services matter as a “huge win” for the people of the national capital and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

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