'Bhondsi DySP made hefty commission, used code words for contraband'

gurugram: Deputy Superintendent Dharamveer Chautala's arrest in a case related to smuggling contraband into Bhondsi jail has now opened a Pandora's box, with startling revelations about how the policeman used his network to make hefty commissions on the products he got from prisoners lodged in the prison.

According to sources, Chautala used to charge up to Rs 4,000 for a gram of marijuana and took anywhere north of Rs 15,000 for a packet of marijuana cigarettes. Officials in the know have said that prisoners could get a 4G SIM card for Rs 15,000 and a basic smartphone for around Rs 40,000 to Rs 60,000.

In fact, according to officials, Gurugram Police had also raided the prison after Chautala's arrest, which had led to the recovery of 12 mobile phones SIM cards from the inmates.

Moreover, the DySP used code words like udti chidiya (for drugs), tiktok (for phones) and chakki (for changing barracks) to ensure the smooth running of the racket.

According to sources in Gurugram Police, those who wanted to shift to less crowded and more spacious barracks had to pay Rs 2 lakh to the law enforcement official. Extra charges were added for providing more facilities to the prisoners in these barracks.

Similarly, rates were also fixed for those prisoners who did not want to get involved in routine activities like cleaning, gardening. Under the code word ginti katna (passing away the time) these prisoners were expected to pay the rates between Rs 1-2 lakh.

Along with Inspector Chautala, the Gurugram Police has arrested one Goldie in the case. According to officials, the investigation in the case is going on and in the coming days, some more arrests may take place.

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