Babu Jagjivan Ram Hosp resumes its OPD services

New Delhi: The Out Patient Department (OPD) at Babu Jagjivan Ram Memorial Hospital resumed its services from Saturday, according to officials. The hospital at Jahangipuri, once a hotspot, was shut down after numerous cases were found there.

In one of the highest count, about 75 healthcare workers, including doctors and police officials on duty, were tested positive inside the hospital after which it was sealed on April 26. For now the OPD services have been started with precautionary measures.

The hospital is situated at the clustered area of Jahangirpuri, where more than 100 cases were found. It comes under red zone and is sealed at the moment.

Healthcare workers are at the brim of Coronavirus, where many, including doctors and nurses have been tested positive for the same. According to the state department more than 400 healthcare workers have been tested in the national Capital till date.

Meanwhile, at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has written to the director demanding them to pay the salary of foreign national resident doctors.

The resident doctors said that despite prime minister's orders the foreign national have not been given their salary, which is affecting their morale. "Each one of us is suffering from this pandemic and although we want to patiently wait for the salary, there is this exigent need of the same in order to pull through this dismal situation, even more so that they can take their mind off this issue and focus on other responsibilities affiliated to a doctor," said the letter.

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