Atishi interacts with principals from schools under DoE

New Delhi: Education minister Atishi and Mayor Shelly Oberoi interacted with principals from schools under the Directorate of Education (DoE) and the MCD during their orientation on the Mission Buniyaad.

While interacting with the HoSs during the event at Thyagraj Stadium, Atishi said that Mission Buniyaad is a platform that aims to ensure better education for every child, regardless of their socioeconomic status. She emphasised that every child should have access to good education and equal opportunities, as dreamt by Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar 75 years ago.

“I am happy that the Delhi government and the MCD teams are now working together on a platform to ensure better education for every child in Delhi. 75 years ago, Babasaheb had dreamt that every child in the country irrespective of their background should have access to good education and

equal opportunities,” she said.

The previous governments had not given enough attention to education and government schools, resulting in families losing faith in the government school system, she explained. As a result, most children who attend government schools today are first-generation learners and under such circumstances Mission Buniyaad becomes an essential initiative to bridge the gap and provide quality education to every child.

Through the Mission Buniyaad, the government’s focus is to improve children’s language and basic math skills while also providing equal opportunities to every child. Regardless of whether their parents are educated or not or whether they receive support for studying at home or not, every child studying in government schools will be able to read and write, and move forward with equal opportunities,” Atishi added.

The Education Minister added that at a young age, the future of a child is already determined. Those with resources send their children to private schools, where they receive better education and find better job opportunities. Meanwhile, those without resources are forced to send their children to government schools, where the quality of education is often not as high. The Delhi government is determined to bridge the gap through the Mission and strengthen the foundation of every child sitting in the classroom to prepare engineers, doctors, and CEOs for the country’s future.

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