At Khirki Extension, Min inaugurates super sucker machines

New Delhi: Amidst the waterlogging issues during monsoon, minister Saurabh Bharadwaj inaugurated cutting-edge super sucker machines at Khirki Extension on Sunday.

The move is aimed at alleviating waterlogging issues

faced by the residents during heavy rains.

The newly launched super sucker machines are set to tackle the challenge of maintaining the main sewer lines in the Khirki Extension area. By efficiently cleaning these crucial sewage conduits, the initiative aspires to mitigate the recurring problem of water accumulation caused by rainwater, which often

disrupts the lives of the local populace.

The super sucker machines are equipped with cutting-edge technology to efficiently clear main sewer lines and prevent blockages, reducing the chances of water stagnation in the streets.

Residents expressed their gratitude for the timely intervention, as they have often grappled with waterlogging during the monsoon season. Introducing these machines is anticipated to significantly minimise disruptions caused by heavy rainfall, ensuring smoother daily routines for the community.

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