ASHA workers hold protest for better pay

New Delhi: ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) workers protested against the continued denial of proper wages at many dispensaries in Delhi. The protest headed by Dilli ASHA Kamgar Union said that the administration has not paid any attention to the issues of the workers yet.

The protest took place on August 7 and 8. "We are not even getting minimum wages while our honorarium comes to around Rs 3,000. This is at a time when ASHA workers have been risking their life and well being during the pandemic. We do all the government's work like surveys and check up but are not given the status of the government workers," said a ASHA worker at South Delhi dispensary. Many ASHA workers said that despite being frontline health workers during the COVID pandemic they are not provided with PPE kits and neither the Central nor the state governments are willing to take any responsibility towards their safety. They are not even getting minimum wages instead they are being paid an honorarium.

Speaking about the apathy of the governments regarding the issue, President of Dilli ASHA Kamgar Union, Shweta Raj said, "During the pandemic many ASHA workers were infected with the virus many have also faced attacks but they have remained steadfast in their duty to serve the public. It is very shameful that even after the stellar role that the ASHA workers have performed during the pandemic governments are not willing to even pay them minimum wages, nor are they taking any steps to ensure

their security."

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