Asha workers go on strike; demand permanent salaries

New Delhi: Asha workers on strike who have also been deployed for Covid-19 duties in Delhi, have said that they have received no reply from the government regarding their demands. Around 4,000 have been on strike since Tuesday and have decided to continue doing so, despite the Delhi government on Thursday promising them more incentives. Asha workers said they will continue their strike till they are not paid Rs 10,000 per month as fixed salary, up from the Rs 4,000 monthly remuneration they have been paid since April.

"We want the workers to get permanent salaries. Asha workers, even Anganwadi workers are considered as volunteers. They are health activists but the government won't recognise them as employees even though they work under the direct scheme of the government," said Shweta Jha, President Delhi ASHA Kamgar Union.

She added that women don't get fixed minimum wages and they have the fear of being fired from their jobs anytime. We get an incentive of Rs 3,000, which is nothing and it is impossible to sustain, said Radhika, an Asha worker.

Jha, meanwhile, said that Asha workers have also been at the frontline and they still have to struggle for basic things. "Doctors and nurses are in the hospital and where people are being asked to stay at home, you are asking these workers to go to every house for survey," she added. "There is no protection and safety for us," said Radhika. Delhi government officials did not respond to Millennium Post when it asked about

the issue.

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