As home quarantine cases increase, isolation proves to be harder

New Delhi: The number of home quarantine cases in Delhi has crossed 930 cases, meaning that the positive patients are asymptomatic and are in isolation in their own homes. Even though they are in home quarantine, most of the houses in India are not spacious enough to accommodate a single person who needs to have a bathroom to themselves.

A positive patient, while speaking to Millennium Post said that the doctor has told her to be in home quarantine, which is very different from the lockdown quarantine we have been witnessing. "My bathroom is different. I have cut myself off with my family and am speaking to them through phones I am washing my own clothes and my own utensils," she said.

Meanwhile, Sakshi, whose mother was tested positive of Covid have said that isolation in one's own home is very different. "80 percent cases are asymptomatic. It is crucial to quarantine in that ways. We all are doing that. But for positive patients who are quarantining inside the house or are in isolation is different altogether. It is not the same as staying indoors or confined to our homes. It limits movement even further. Basically means that the patient needs to be kept in complete isolation from the rest of the family members."

She said that as her house has space issues to accommodate a person to isolation is distressing. "Self quarantine means that a person is in quarantine alone and cannot interact with anyone," she said.

Sanitization is highly important if a positive patient is at home.

"The bathroom needs to be constantly sanitized and every corner of the house also needs to be sanitized. I do cleaning twice a day and continuously disinfect the kitchen and hands," said Sakshi.

For a patient the utensils are to be placed outside the room, while gloves have to be used as well. At the moment there are 936 positive cases who are in home quarantine.

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