Analyse utilisation ratio of all medical equipment by July 31: AIIMS

New Delhi: In a move aimed at better use of medical equipment, the AIIMS administration on Monday asked its various departments to analyse the utilisation ratio of all medical and diagnostic equipment in their inventory by July 31 this year.

For the equipment whose utilization ratio is less than 0.5 (i.e. 50 per cent), an action plan shall be prepared to increase the utilization to at least 0.80 (i.e. 80 per cent), according to an office memorandum issued by AIIMS Director Dr M Srinivas on Monday. The director has taken rounds of various areas within AIIMS, and observed that few medical equipment are idling / underutilised and

there is potential to increase their utility by sharing them with other departments, the memorandum said. “Accordingly, it has been decided that all departments shall analyse the utilisation ratio (i.e. the ratio of equipment utilized hours and the equipment hours available) for all medical and diagnostic equipment in their inventory by 31 July, 2023,” it said. For cases, wherein the department is not able to develop a plan for effective utilization of any equipment in its inventory, it shall be reported to the office of the director for sharing / transferring the said equipment to another department where it may have better utilisation.

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