An accident, spilled plasma and the death of a newborn

new delhi: A seven-day-old child in the Lal Bahadur Shastri hospital here died while waiting for plasma to treat haemoglobin deficiency after relatives of the child were hit by a BMW on their way to the hospital and the plasma they had collected from the Red Cross Society spilled on

the road.

Shakti Singh and his family members were rushing back to the hospital in Tilak Marg with the much-needed plasma for Singh's niece when a BMW rammed into the vehicle they were carrying the plasma in on the ITO-Tilak Marg road in the wee hours of Saturday morning. The driver of the car fled from the spot, leaving his car behind.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (New Delhi) Eish Singhal said that they have registered a case in this regard and further investigation was going on. Police later added that they had arrested 27-year-old Shahjib Sheikh in the case and that he was a used car dealer.

The accident had left all three occupants of the car injured and incapacitated and they were taken to a nearby hospital. By the time Singh regained his consciousness, he first called his elder brother and told him that he would not be able to take the plasma. And while Singh's elder brother frantically tried to get the plasma, hospital authorities and even Singh's younger brother had called repeatedly asking how long it would take for the plasma to reach the hospital.

"Plasma was very important for the life of my niece but due to the accident I was unable to reach the hospital on time," he told Millennium Post.

Singh informed police that a BMW car had hit his vehicle and the driver of the car had fled the spot. Police said that Singh, a resident of Trilokpuri, was going with his wife and sister to Lal Bahadur Shastri hospital after taking plasma from Red Cross Society. "When I was crossing Tilak Marg red light, a white colour BMW hit my car and due to impact, we all three lost our consciousness. The plasma was on the road. When I woke up I immediately made a phone call to my brother and told him about the whole incident," he said.

He added that the vehicle was heavily damaged in the accident. After the incident, a PCR call was made. Singh and his sister were unconscious inside their car whereas his wife was found lying on the road. As per Singh, the accused left his car and fled.

After several hours, he got a photograph of the offending vehicle and information that it belonged to a resident of Turkman Gate. After knowing about the incident, the victim's elder brother went to bring the plasma to the seven-day-old child but it was too late and the newborn died.

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