Amid lockdown, Delhi government continues immunisation services

New Delhi: Even as the national Capital was under a lockdown, the administration ensured minimal disruption of immunisation services and continued it at fixed public facilities, the Delhi government claimed on Wednesday.

In a statement, the Delhi government said it ensured immunisation services at functional fixed public facilities and also the birth dose of vaccines (OPV, Hepatitis and BCG) were being given to newborns at all the delivery points.

"We already issued instructions to all the District Immunisation Officers to update the list of children eligible for vaccination who could not be vaccinated due to the lockdown," the statement said. The Delhi Government said it has

decided to prioritise the immunisation of the children to protect them from deadly diseases such as polio, tetanus, and diphtheria.

"This is also critical to keeping other children safe by eliminating or substantially reducing the spread of dangerous diseases from child to child. Immunisation is one of the safest, most cost-effective, and powerful means of preventing morbidity and mortality among children."

The immunisation services continued at the fixed facilities on the designated days — Wednesdays and Fridays at primary health centres.

"However, active mobilisation could not be done because of the involvement of ASHA workers and ANMs on COVID-19 works. But families who were seeking immunisation services voluntarily for their children were provided with the services following all due protocols and advisories," it added.

The Delhi government also urged that all the parents should proactively contact their ASHA workers, ANMs or reach their designated primary health facilities for ensuring full immunisation of their children.

"Delhi has 640 immunisation facilities belonging to different agencies including Delhi Government. The Delhi government is formulating microplans to ensure 100 per cent coverage of the children for all vaccines," it added.

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