AIIMS to start creche service for staff kids with spl needs

New Delhi: The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi is going to soon develop crèche services for children with special needs on the campus. The premier institute has taken a decision to start a creche service for staffers’ children with special needs. An office memorandum has been issued by its director, prof M Srinivas, stating that in view of the various concerns raised by employees and staffers regarding the lack of a creche or daycare facility for children with special needs, it has been decided that two C-1 houses may be earmarked for developing such a service at the institute at the earliest.

According to the officials, the creche for staff kids was operational in the institute 10 years ago but it was shut because of the construction of private wards. According to the official memorandum, Professor Shefali Gulati, Child Neurology, Division Department of Pediatrics, Delhi-AIIMS has been assigned the task of developing a crèche service for children with special needs.

This move is also a step towards promoting inclusivity and diversity in the workplace because it provides a platform for children with special needs to thrive and participate in society.

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