AIIMS to restart underused electric vehicles for Mother & Child Block

New Delhi: AIIMS is optimising campus mobility by repurposing underused electric vehicles from its Central Transport Facility.

AIIMS Director Dr Prof M Srinivas swiftly implemented this resource optimisation plan within 24 hours.

AIIMS New Delhi’s latest initiative prioritises practicality and inclusivity. With support from the CSR-ICICI Foundation, electric vehicles will serve the Mother & Child Block, enhancing comfort and safety.

The Central Transport Facility at AIIMS possessed electric vehicles that were underutilized due to a lack of drivers. Dr Prof Srinivas recognised this during a recent visit.

To improve accessibility for AIIMS’s diverse community, these vehicles will now exclusively serve the Mother & Child Block. This decision streamlines transportation within the complex, catering to patients, faculty, staff, and residents.

Dr Biswaroop Chakrabarty, Additional Professor of Paediatrics, will oversee 24/7 vehicle allocation. Initially, 15 vehicles are in operation, with plans to add 15 more, providing continuous service. Trained staff and volunteers, preferably female, will operate these vehicles.

While the Central Transport Facility manages logistics, these vehicles are dedicated to the Mother & Child Block, optimising their use. This aligns with AIIMS’ commitment to healthcare, sustainability, and reducing its carbon footprint.

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