AIIMS decides to begin online allotment of accommodation

New Delhi: The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi has decided to transition to an online system for the allotment of official accommodation.

According to an office memorandum issued by the AIIMS Director Dr. M Srinivas, it has been said that many types of disturbances are being seen in offline housing allotment and complaints have also reached the AIIMS management several times. In such a situation, for the sake of transparency in the allotment of houses, it has been decided that from now on all

requests for house allotment shall be be received and processed online.

The memorandum also states that the process of online accommodation allotment and an accommodation waiting list need to be started on the display board by June 30.

Dr. M Srinivas said that the ‘offline’ allotment system often has ambiguities and it is difficult to ensure fairness and accountability in the allotment of accommodation

to faculty members, officers, and staff. He also said that the online system is going to

ensure complete transparency and make the process efficient. This digital approach will not only streamline the process but also eliminate possible

biases and discrepancies that may arise during offline allotment.

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