Activist group refutes charge of locking Hindu College staff

New Delhi: Fourteen students of Delhi University's Hindu college received showcause notice for "deliberately locking all the gates of the college during working hours," which left the principal and the staff stranded, on August 10, and Principal will review the reply on Monday.
Ironically, activist of Pinjra Tod group completely refuse to engage in any form of democratic dialogue with the protesting students, after repeatedly locking the gates to the administrative office. .
The Hindu college Principal Anju Srivastava issued notices to 14 students, falsely claiming that they were the ones responsible for "locking all gates of the College building from outside during office hours".
Students were protesting against the high fee of the women's hostel, which is currently Rs 90,000 per year.
"At 4:30 pm on August 10, you were found indulging in the act of deliberately locking all the gates of the college building from outside during office hours, thereby leaving several staff members and the principal stranded for several hours.
"You are required to show cause why disciplinary action should not be initiated for your gross misconduct. Your reply to the notice should be submitted to the AO office by Saturday, August 12, 2 pm," said the notice signed by Principal Anju Srivastava.
She also added, "We were stranded for about three hours. Protests have been going on and we have no problem with it. But they can't hold the college in such a situation. We have certain rules and regulations. If they follow them, it's fine. If they violate it, obviously the disciplinary committee will take action."
Another student who got the notice, said they had sent their replies saying the allegations were "false and baseless".
"The college said officials were stranded for hours, but nothing like that happened. We were just protesting against the hostel fee hike. In fact, gates were locked to prevent us from going inside," he said.
In a statement, activist group Pinjra Tod said, "Students have been sitting outside for the last two days demanding a meeting with the principal… But she has been unwilling to meet them. The administration has also called up parents of protesting students and demanded explanations (for the protest)."

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