AAP MLAs, councillors engage in relief and rescue ops

In response to the rising water levels in the Yamuna river, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has mobilised its MLAs, councillors, and workers to provide relief and assistance to the flood-affected people.

“AAP representatives have actively engaged in rescue operations and visited relief camps to assess the situation and interact with those affected by the floods,” the AAP said in a statement. The Delhi government workers have been distributing essential food supplies to the flood victims and urging residents in low-lying areas to evacuate and seek refuge in the relief camps to ensure their safety.

The party’s MLAs, including Durgesh Pathak, Sanjeev Jha, Kuldeep Kumar, SK Bagga, Nitin Tyagi, and Praveen Kumar, have been on the ground, coordinating relief efforts and providing aid to those in need.

Pathak, while overseeing relief operations near Marghat Hanuman temple, assured the public that people were being safely evacuated from submerged areas and that the government was making every effort to support and provide necessary facilities to those affected.

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