AAP leader blames BJP for N-E Delhi riots

new delhi: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Sanjay Singh on Sunday blamed BJP for the north-east Delhi riots that took place in February. He alleged that the assigning of "BJP's favourite lawyers" was being done to hide the truth and the lapses in the chargesheet filed by the police.

At a press conference Singh said, "I have been saying for a long time that Delhi riots are the result of a deep conspiracy planned and executed by the BJP. I have been saying it from day one and I have said it in the parliament too. The Delhi Police which comes under the Central Government did not take any action during the riots and once the riots were over then they were asked to look into the matter."

Singh alleged that at first the Delhi Police was hesitant on filing the charge sheet, "they did not want to file the charge sheet and when they did at some places they've made a strong case while others they went weak. In the charge sheet they have buried the truth and not done justice to the investigation," alleged the AAP leader.

In order to accomplish all this and hide the real culprits they would require BJP's favourite lawyers, said Singh. "Why is the Central government adamant on assigning BJP's and LG's favourite lawyers? What is their purpose? The whole purpose of all this is to hide the culprits or planners of the Delhi riots. All this is being done to hide the deeds and plannings of the BJP leaders involved in the Delhi riots," he added.

"We have opposed this move of assigning BJP's favourite lawyers because the Delhi Government believes that a thorough and clear investigation should be done with strictest punishment for those who are found guilty," said the AAP MP.

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