45 inmates in Delhi prisons tested +ve so far; one death

New Delhi: Since COVID-19 outbreak Delhi Prisons have witnessed 120 cases, of which more than 30 have recovered. According to the latest data, as many as 45 inmates have tested positive, of which 17 recovered and one death was reported whereas as many as 75 prison staff have been affected by the virus, 15 of whom have recovered so far.

Recently, the first COVID-19 death was reported from the prisons after a 64-year-old inmate tested positive after his death. Later 17 inmates - his contacts, most of them senior citizens, had tested COVID-19 positive.

According to the data, the total capacity of all 16 Prisons is 10,026. Inmate Population before COVID Crisis was approx 17,500. As many as 3,500 were temporarily released as part of the decongestion effort.

The population as of today is 13,500 approx.

Speaking about safety precautions for staff, an official said, "Staff have been told that if they have influenza-like symptoms, they should inform senior officers and then go to the doctor for further treatment and take rest." They have also been told to isolate themselves if they have any family members working as a frontline worker.

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