372 killed in fallout of Coronavirus crisis

New Delhi: As of May 8, the national death toll due to Coronavirus infection stood at 1,886 but apart from that, there have been 372 deaths reported from the field, which are not attributable to the virus but related to COVID-19. This includes the death of 16 migrant workers were killed on the railway tracks in their sleep near Satana Village, Maharashtra.

According to curated news reports, during the process of migration around 78 deaths have been accounted for in the country. Several migrant labourers died either while walking or cycling home.

Stress during the lockdown has led to many suicide cases in the country along with uncertainty of jobs and income. Suicide cases due to financial distress has caused around 40 deaths in the country.

A 38-year-old S. Bharani, who ran a barbershop in Tamil Nadu, committed suicide, as he was unable to earn a living for his family during the COVID-19 lockdown.

As of April 24, deaths due to fear of infection of Coronavirus stood at 60 in the country. As per a report compiled by DataMeet from various credible news reports, around 30 people lost their lives for want of medical care and attention.

The national lockdown imposed restrictions on the sale of non-essential items, including alcohol and cigarettes and deaths and suicides due to alcohol withdrawal stood at 42.

In Uttar Pradesh, a young man who had been suffering from fever and cough, committed suicide on March 24 by hanging himself because he feared that he was suffering from Coronavirus. "This is the third case of suicide in Uttar Pradesh due to the Corona scare. In two separate incidents, two youths had committed suicide in Hapur and Bareilly over the weekend because they believed that they were suffering from the deadly virus," another report stated.

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