32-yr-old man released from quarantine centre after 55 hrs

Ghaziabad: A former employee with Ceasefire company who was picked from his house and was shifted to a quarantine centre at IMS college in Ghaziabad, after he was traced through the phone call details of a positive Covid-19 patient, he has been sent back to his home after being kept in quarantine centre for, reportedly, around 55 hours on Friday evening. Doctors have collected his swab sample and he will remain in home quarantine for next 14 days.

32-year-old, Amit Kumar (name changed), a resident of Shalimar City in Ghaziabad, had never thought that a phone call, just to know about the well-being of one of his former colleagues, could prove a nightmare for him as he had to spend two days at a quarantine facility with 61 other Covid-19 suspected persons.

Taking cognisance over Kumar's ordeal, Millennium Post prominently highlighted the matter on April 24, 2020, following which

district health department admitted it as a mistake on part of police and health department. A senior health officer informed that Kumar's sample was taken on late Thursday night and he has been

sent back to his home on Friday evening.

While sharing his experience with our correspondent, Kumar said that his stay at quarantine center was very bad as there is no cleaning or hygiene. "I was very much well at my home during lockdown and had not moved anywhere. It is very difficult to understand that how can I put into quarantine on the basis of telephone call. I am very upset to

think how can I quarantine myself at home. I can understand but my daughter who is only six years old can't live without meeting me in the same house," said Kumar.

Kumar was picked up from his house by a senior cop from Tilamore police station on Wednesday noon after he was traced through the call details of an employee with ceasefire company who has been tested positive Covid-19 and with whom Kumar spoke over phone on April 1.

"The health department took my samples for testing on Friday around 1:45 am and I was allowed to go back to my home In the evening after signing a document in which I declared that I have not physically met with Mr. Rajendra (ceasefire employee who has been tested positive Covid-19) in past six years since I left the company.

The doctor informed me that the reports are expected to come by Monday and till May 8, I have to remain isolated inside my house while following proper directions," Kumar said.

GK Mishra, District Malaria Officer and In-charge of the quarantine centre in Ghaziabad said that the health department investigation revealed that the man had not come in contact with any Coronavirus patient and he only had a telephonic conversation with a positive patient. "He has been sent to his home and will remain in home quarantine for next 14 days. We will be in contact touch with him and his family to monitor their health condition," said Mishra.

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