2 held for credit card scam

New Delhi: The Delhi Police Cyber Cell, Dwarka district, has arrested two accused involved in an elaborate online scam operation.

The accused, masquerading as customer care agents from a leading bank, had been preying on unsuspecting victims by promising to resolve credit card issues, officials said on Friday.

The accused persons have been identified as Bilal Ansari (35) a native of Jharkhand’s Deoghar and Suhail Khan (20) a resident of Loni, Uttar Pradesh. Khan, operating as an online money transfer agent, conducted business under the guise of “KGN Communication” in the Sadar Bazar area. He facilitated the fraudulent transfer of money from the victims’ accounts to various beneficiaries, collecting commissions for his part in the scam.

M Harsh Vardhan Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Dwarka stated that their nefarious activities came to light after a victim reported a loss of Rs 50,000, fraudulently withdrawn from his bank account.

The incident unfolded on September 23, when a concerned citizen lodged a complaint at PS Cyber Dwarka. The complainant had initially taken to Twitter to voice concerns about late payment charges on his credit card, providing his contact information for assistance. Little did he know that he would soon fall victim to a well-orchestrated scam.

Shortly after his tweet, the victim was contacted by an individual claiming to be an agent of HDFC Bank. This

self-proclaimed “bank agent” assured the victim that he could swiftly resolve the late payment charges issue.

To gain the victim’s trust, the fraudster cunningly sent an OTP (One-Time Password) to the complainant’s phone, assuring him that this step was essential to rectify the situation. However, instead of resolving the issue, the victim was hit by a harsh reality when he received a debit message indicating the loss of Rs 50,000 from his HDFC bank account, Vardhan confirmed.

As the victim attempted to contact the so-called HDFC bank agent, he discovered that the mobile number used for communication had been switched off, raising suspicions that he had fallen victim to a calculated scam. Promptly, the victim reported the incident to the authorities, leading to the registration of a case under sections 420/120B IPC, at PS Cyber Dwarka. An investigation into the matter was initiated immediately, DCP Dwarka mentioned.

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