2 bodies found in manhole on Mathura Road

Police recovered two unidentified bodies in a manhole near the Surya hotel signal, Mathura Road. One of the deceased was later identified as Salim, son of Kaleem, resident of E-12, Batla House, Jamia Nagar. According to the police, they received a distress call reporting a critical situation involving a man found unconscious in a manhole. Upon receiving this alarming information, local police swiftly responded, reaching the scene promptly to extract both bodies. The potential cause of their demise is believed to be attributed to the noxious fumes emanating from the manhole. The gravity of the situation led to the involvement of the crime team in an extensive investigation. Both individuals were transferred to AIIMS for examinations. Authorities are working to identify the second individual. This case is further complicated by the suspicion of one individual’s criminal activities. Approximately 12-13 cases are currently pending against him across various police stations, including NFC and Jamia Nagar. Preliminary findings suggest the cause of death may be linked to toxic gases found in a nearby manhole.

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