17-year-old thrashed and cyber-bullied by more than 12 teens

gurugram: The Gurugram Police have now registered a case after parents of a 17-year-old boy complained of their child being cyber-bullied and beaten up by more than 12 teenagers.

The parents who recently shifted from London to Gurugram's Sushant Lok have said the incident occurred on July 23 when their child was returning from a birthday party that was organised in the neighbourhood. While returning, the 17-year-old was surrounded by 12 teenagers who on some issue first sought an apology from the child. After the victim refused to do so they roughed him up physically and even tore his shirt in the process. The group of teenagers even made a video of the entire process. Reportedly, the group of teenagers continued to thrash the 17-year-old despite him apologising several times.

Coming back home, the 17-year-old did not report the incident to his parents. Observing that their child was feeling emotionally distressed and also not getting involved in academic activities, the parents persuaded the child to be candid with them. He finally revealed what had happened after which his parent went to the Sushant Lok police station.

An FIR was registered under sections 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 506 (criminal intimidation) and 147 (rioting) of the Indian Penal Code. Meanwhile after lodging the complaint, the boy's parents made him go through medical examinations to ascertain whether he had suffered any internal injuries.

"A group of teenagers viciously attacked and tortured my son physically, mentally and emotionally on July 23 at Peach Tree, Sushant Lok. My son did not retaliate or fight back or even attempt to call anyone as he knew his life was in danger and he was outnumbered. He was too scared to even inform his own family as he thought that if he told anyone, the boys would thrash him again," the victim's mother told police.

According to officials of the Gurugram police, some of the teenagers involved in physically manhandling the 17-year-old got in touch with him through social media, where on a specific issue, differences arose among them and an apology was sought from the minor. When he refused, the teenagers thought it necessary to assault him near his home.

According to officials, the boy only knew a few in the mob that thrashed him.

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