Delhi police, transport dept spar over rape bus

A war of words has broken out between the Delhi Traffic Police and the transport department of Delhi government over the illegal plying of private buses on Delhi roads. The Traffic Police have been facing criticism especially after the news came out that the bus in which a 23-year-old girl was raped on 16 December was identified from an entry in the hafta (bribe given to the police) diary maintained by the traffic cops to keep a track of the commercial vehicles allowed to ply for a consideration.

Countering the criticism, Joint Commissioner of Police Satyendra Garg posted this on his Facebook page on Friday: ‘The bus which was involved in the ghastly gangrape had been challaned (booked) 8 times and impounded 6 times in 2011 and 2012. On 21 July, 2012, Ram Singh, the prime accused of this gang rape case, was apprehended by traffic police doing exactly the same violation which he did on the fateful day, picking up passengers unauthorisedly (sic) in the same chartered bus, DL–1PC—0149, which was impounded.’ According to Garg, ‘When the bus was hauled up before the court for these offences, transporter Dinesh Yadav and driver Ram Singh were fined Rs 2,200. In my view we should have a system in place where vehicles plying without permit must get harsher penalty.’

Delhi Transport Corporation spokesperson Sharat Kumar said, ‘Despite the complaint filed by the corporation that several buses ply in unauthorised manner on the routes allotted to DTC, the police failed to act.’

Delhi transport minister Ramakant Goswami said: ‘The traffic police is facing a crisis of credibility. Instead of getting into a propaganda war, they should work towards disciplining errant auto and bus drivers.’


The Doctors of Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore are striving hard to save the 23-year-old rape victim. The victim is suffering from severe brain injury besides infection in the lungs and abdomen, they said. The patient is currently fighting against the odds. After being brutally raped and tortured the victim still manages to fight the odds in Singapore's Hospital which shows her good fighting spirit.

Kelvin Loh, CEO of Mount Elizabeth Hospital, said that 'besides a prior cardiac arrest and infection in her lungs and abdomen, the victim was even found suffering from severe brain injury and she is in an extremely critical condition. The patient's condition has taken a turn for the worse. Her vital signs are deteriorating with signs of severe organ failure.' A CT scan was done before taking her to ICU.
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