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Delhi Modi-fied

‘You are going to celebrate platinum jubilee of our Independence in coming years. It depends on you, where you want to see India on that occasion. The central government has no vision for the country, you have to replace this ‘dirty team’ with BJP’s ‘dream team,’ said the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate addressing a mammoth rally at Japanese Park located in Rohini in northwest Delhi. 

In reference to Congress president Sonia Gandhi and her family, Modi said the central government is burdened with multiple governments – mother’s government, son’s government, son-in-law’s government, and the UPA government headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. ‘Within the UPA government, every party within the ruling coalition is running its own government with its whims and fancies,’ the Gujarat chief minister added.

He dubbed the prime minister as ‘non-effective’ and flayed him on several issues including his ‘soft’ handling of bilateral issues with Pakistan, ‘marketing of poverty’ in America, terrorism and corruption. However, the BJP’s PM nominee showed sympathy towards the PM against the ‘attack’ led by Congress scion Rahul Gandhi, branding the latter as Shehzada (prince). ‘Shehzada dubbed him [PM] and entire cabinet as nonsense. Nothing could be more shameful for the country. It’s maximum insult to the prime minister of India and cabinet which are the constitutional bodies,’ said Modi.

He added that the allies of UPA must give a reply to the nation, whether the country would be run by the whims and fancies of Shehzada or as per constitution. ‘A government is made on mathematics (numbers) but run on Chemistry,’ said Modi adding that UPA alliance is a gathering of selfish people,’ added BJP’s prime ministerial candidate.

Modi praised NDA regime for creating job opportunities, construction of roads and national highways. He promised employment to youths, food and basic amenities to poor, civil amenities and rights to every individual at his doorstep, and infrastructure development to herald India into a developed country.

 ‘I will not betray your trust. I will live for your dreams, fight for your dreams and sacrifice my life for your dreams,’ promised Modi adding that every youth of the country, every district of the country must have a dream and dedicate itself to fulfil it for making the country successful. ‘I was a tea vendor and party gave me the opportunity. If every youth has a dream for the country, India will go miles on development path,’ said Modi. 
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