Delhi govt goes online to prevent tax evasion

In order to facilitate business in the national Capital and prevent evasion of taxes, Delhi government has decided to introduce a new online form — Delhi Sugam-2 (DS2) with effect from September 15.

In a statement issued by the government, DS2 form has been introduced in place of <g data-gr-id="42">earlier</g> T-2 form. <g data-gr-id="39"><g data-gr-id="41">Form</g> will</g> be filed in a <g data-gr-id="30">non interactive</g> mode through online/SMS and transporters and dealers won?t need to queue up for filling the form.

“All registered dealers of Delhi are required to file the details of invoices and goods receipt note in respect of goods purchased or received as <g data-gr-id="50">stock</g> transfer from outside Delhi. The information in Delhi Sugam-2 (DS2) Form can be filed online or through SMS,” said a senior government official.

The official claimed that DS2 form is more user friendly and simple in comparison to forms of other States like Karnataka, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat and West Bengal which seek much more information compared to DS2.

“The new form is much more simplified. The dealer is required to fill only 17 fields (out of which 4 are in <g data-gr-id="55">drop</g> down box) whereas in the earlier T-2 form a dealer had to fill 33 columns,” official said.

According to <g data-gr-id="49">government</g>, only one DS2 form is required to be filed by a buyer for multiple invoices, multiple commodities and multiple sellers for goods being transported in one vehicle. Whereas in earlier T2 form dealer had to file <g data-gr-id="47">separate</g> T-2 form for each invoice and also for each seller.

“If vehicle number is not available at the time of filing DS2 online/SMS, the vehicle number can be provided by sending SMS. “In case of change of vehicle half way, due to <g data-gr-id="34">break</g> down or any other reasons, the changed vehicle/<g data-gr-id="37">Palti</g> vehicle Number can be updated by sending SMS, before entry in Delhi,” official also said.

<g data-gr-id="53">Government</g> said that in case the goods are being imported through <g data-gr-id="54">own</g> vehicle of supplier/buyer then only vehicle number need to be provided in form DS2. G.R. Number is not required.

“ DS2 can be filed through SMS from the registered mobile number followed by online filling of remaining details. The driver of the vehicle is required to carry a printout or SMS of DS2 reference/unique ID with him,” official added. 
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