Delhi court dismisses plea for FIR against godman Nirmal Baba

A plea for lodging a criminal case against self-proclaimed godman Nirmal Baba for allegedly cheating people and breaching public trust was today dismissed by a Delhi court.

Metropolitan Magistrate Neeraj Gaur dismissed advocate Prem Shankar Sharma’s complaint for direction to the police to register an FIR against Nirmaljeet Singh Narula alias Nirmal Baba and asked Sharma to lead pre-summoning evidence in favour of his complaint.

Sharma had sought court’s direction for prosecution of Baba allegedly for cheating, committing criminal breach of trust and hurting religious sentiments of the people. He had also sought lodging of the FIR against Baba for his alleged offences under the Drugs and Magic Act, committed due to airing of objectionable advertisements on TV channels for treatment of diseases.

Sharma had alleged Nirmal Baba was ‘spreading blind faith in the society’ by airing shows like ‘Third Eye of Nirmal Baba’ on TV channels where he asks people to follow his preachings and guidelines to become rich and get rid of all problems in life, while his only motive is to make money.

The complainant had said Nirmal Baba is a ‘fraud with no degree in religious teachings’ and spreads fear among people by claiming that he has supernatural powers and asking them ‘to deposit ten per cent of their income in his bank account to receive his blessings.’

The advocate had also accused Nirmal Baba of hurting religious sentiments of people by asking them to chant Lord Shiva’s name only twice a day.
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